Welcome to the Future of Guest Experience!

Digital Transformation is reshaping the way business is done. Consumers continue to demand a better and more seamless guest experience – and travel, hospitality, leisure & entertainment leaders need to innovate and adopt new technologies to meet the expectations of a new tech savvy breed of customer.

Technology has allowed businesses to improve efficiencies and delight their customers. Those who adapt will thrive. Those that don’t – will die. It is that simple.

Investing in Guest Experience Technology is no longer an option, it is an imperative.

So, we are thrilled to invite you to THE most extraordinary event in the world of travel, tourism, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment: Guest Xperience Tech Summit & Expo!

As technology continues to revolutionise the guest experience, we gather the world’s brightest minds, the boldest innovators, and the most influential executives to drive the future of our industry.

At GXT, our mission is simple yet powerful: to drive the ultimate guest experience by providing the most comprehensive and cutting-edge guest tech content available.

We believe that the intersection of technology and guest experience holds the key to transforming the way we connect, engage, and delight our guests.

As pioneers in this ever-evolving landscape, we recognize the importance of real, game changing, and practical solutions. This is not just another congress — it is a platform where global experts will present ground-breaking ideas and solutions that will reshape the world of travel, tourism, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. Join us as we unlock the potential of emerging technologies, harness the power of data, and explore sustainable practices that will transform our industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to GXT, the world’s biggest and most important meeting place for those who are passionate about revolutionising the guest experience.

The GXT Organising Committee