Key Topics

Our upcoming GXT multi-tracked Summit is the game-changer that the market has been waiting for. It is the world’s premier gathering of technology innovators and hospitality executives, where thought leaders and experts converge to present transformative and practical content.

Our world class speakers are carefully sourced for their knowledge and thought leadership. They are experts, innovators and more importantly, purpose-driven to develop a high impact in the field.

Through a dynamic programme featuring keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and panel discussions, attendees will gain invaluable insights, strategies, and connections to overcome challenges and unlock new opportunities.

From innovative sessions to an interactive exhibition, GXT is the place where travel, hospitality, leisure and entertainment leaders and their partners come together to find ways to reinvent their service offerings & transform their guest experiences.


Guest Tech Innovations

Many leaders are faced with the challenge of keeping up with the rapid advancements in guest technology. The impact of falling behind in this dynamic landscape can result in a loss of competitive edge and diminished guest satisfaction. To overcome these challenges, they need to stay informed about the latest innovations, emerging trends, and implementation strategies.

Topics covered:
Revolutionising Guest Experiences through AI-Powered Solutions
Unlocking the Potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Hospitality
Harnessing the power of Chatbots and Robotics
Integrating IoT for Seamless Guest Connectivity

Personalisation and Data Analytics

In an increasingly competitive market, meeting guest expectations for personalised experiences can be hugely difficult. The impact of failing to deliver tailored offerings can lead to reduced guest loyalty and missed revenue opportunities. Hospitality leaders need to understand the power of data analytics and how to leverage it for effective personalisation.

Topics covered:
Leveraging Big Data to Create Hyper-Personalised Experiences
Driving Guest Loyalty through Predictive Analytics
The Role of Machine Learning in Personalisation
Ethical Use of Guest Data
Implementing Real-Time Personalisation Strategies

Seamless Multichannel Experiences

We are aware of the difficulties in delivering consistent and seamless experiences across various guest touchpoints. Inconsistencies in service can lead to guest frustration and dissatisfaction. In an age of heightened guest expectations, it is critical to understand how to integrate channels effectively and provide a cohesive and enjoyable experience

Topics covered:
Designing a Unified Guest Journey across Online and Offline Channels
Optimizing Mobile Experiences for Enhanced Guest Engagement
The Power of Omnichannel Marketing in Hospitality
Leveraging Social Media for Brand Consistency
Effective Integration of CRM Systems

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Meeting the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the travel and hospitality industries is not simple. Failing to address environmental concerns can lead to reputational damage and decreased guest loyalty. It has become increasingly crucial to understand the importance of sustainable initiatives and how to implement them effectively.

Topics covered:
Driving Sustainable Tourism: Best Practices and Innovations
Implementing Energy-Efficient Solutions in Hospitality
Reducing Food Waste: Strategies for Sustainable F&B Operations
The Role of Green Certifications in Guest Experience
Engaging Guests in Sustainable Practices

Staff Training and Empowerment

With the rapid pace of new tech innovation, HR leaders are grappling with the question of how to consistently equip staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exceptional guest service. It is well known how inadequately trained employees can result in subpar guest experiences, negative reviews, and a decline in profitability.

Topics covered:
Creating a Culture of Service Excellence
Training Programs for Frontline Staff: Best Practices
Empowering Employees to Delight Guests
Developing Soft Skills in a Technology-Driven World